A Mix Of Coffee And Politics On A Monday

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(Almost) everyone likes Will Ferrell. So who better than to endorse your presidential campaign, right? With just days left until the 2012 US election kicks off, Obama’s campaign advisers will be hoping that this hilarious video will help to mobilise the vote.
Ferrell begins by declaring, “I will do anything to get you to go out and vote on November 6th”.
He continues on in a distinct Ron Burgundy-esque style by explaining that he really will do anything, for example, make you a home cooked meal, do a dance, eat garbage, punch himself in the face…
“Vote Obama”, he concludes, “It’s a slam dunk.”


Card players with a penchant for the grizzly can’t get down and gruesome with a zombie-inspired deck of playing cards.
The fleshy deck is the project of talented artist Obsidian Abnormal and Darren J. Gendron and takes literal representations of each of the suits.
Shovels, bats, hearts and brains are now to play for and the face cards hail back to their classic medieval roots with Kings, Queens and Knights rising from the dead!
The project was first promoted by creative funding platform Kickstarter and the creators have already banked over $16,000 of its $1,000 goal!
I’ll be playing solitaire in a dimly lit room to get the full experience!


We all like to think that there is a quick fix for a hangover but let’s face it there is no way you can drink that much without that feeling bad. The guys at the Sun thought they had cracked it after discovering a vitamin and Acai berry-infused Bytox hangover protection patch. Supposed to replace the mammoth fry up or bottle of Irn Bru, the patch certainly didn’t float Hack Tom’s boat after he still woke up suffering after a heavy night at the Mercury Prize awards.



My high five today is one which brings me both joy and a slight nostalgic sadness. Ever since I started in PR screen grabbing has been a time consuming, but satisfying, part of my job. The process of grabbing a long article involved lining up as many as 14 individual pages to create a replica of the original online article. As I have mentioned, this did lead to a sense of accomplishment, but when busy it was a pain in the back teeth. So, after a single week working with us, and no other PR experience, our latest intern stumbled upon Fireshot – the solution to any screen grabbing scenario. This tool lets you grab an entire page at the click of a button. If you like it in a slightly higher res, then select the text only and grab like that. So, from now on I shall have a little more time, but a little less of a tangible sense of achievement.



Like many of us today, I am a great lover of coffee. I have always been wary of the addictive nature of the substance and have therefore restricted my consumption to two cups per day. Therefore it is pleasing to read evidence that there are real health benefits to the drink, apart from waking me up in the morning. So here are five reasons why a coffee habit really isn’t all bad. Perfect reason to head to Starbucks and pick up one of those festive red cups which launched this weekend.