A Mid Month Mezze Of Links!

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A Mid Month Mezze Of Links!

Holyrood PR Blog
Cycle Skating 1923 Youtube

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I wasn’t great at rollerblading-decked myself flat out too often to count! After watching a video clip of the forgotten sport Cycle Skating, I think we had it pretty easy. This Youtube clip brings to life the1923 sport which involved attaching two minature wheels to your shoes before propelling yourself along in a ski like fashion!
I wasn’t bad at cycling but no-handers were beyond me, could barely do a one handed stint so I would have had no chance!


I enjoy watching Heston Blumenthal use his genius to create weird and wonderful ideas when it comes to his dishes. One thing I found fascinating during one of his programmes on channel four was when he created edible packaging for his guests to eat. Touted as the next big thing, edible packaging could be with us sooner than we think. Not only would food packaging be delicious it could deliver some benefits to both here and the developing world.  MEND, a not for profit organisation set up by Dr David Edwards, the Dumbledore of food technology has said that things like edible bottles could help people in the villages of Africa become less reliant on plastic bottles and could try make things for themselves. Looks like it could be good news for everyone.


The chocolate ice cream makers of Magnum would normally only get my attention on a scorching day – and those are few and far between in Scotland. So kudos to them for catching my eye with this rather nifty wee game, where you steer an ice cream loving beauty around the world’s top cities,  through internet pages and in into the shops and websites of the world’s top brands. All the while collecting chocolates. Very clever.

NOT SO PC PC (Laura) 

A Merseyside PC has come under investigation after posting comments on his Facebook wall which branded race goers at the Grand National’s Ladies Day event alcholics and bad mothers. Thinking his comments would go unnoticed, he then went on to some pretty horrible things about us scouse ladies and rightly so several complaints were made which has lead to his bosses investigating the comments further. The police are meant to be examples to us all and this PC has made a major slip up on a very public platform. He may think these things but he should have thought twice about using social media to do so! 


An Indian man who became separated from his mother when he was five years old, has tracked down his family 25 years later thanks to Google Maps.
As a small boy, he worked as a sweeper on trains, alongside his brother, and accidently fell asleep on a train, waking up 1200km away in Calcutta, all alone.  After a few months living on the streets, he was taken in by an orphanage and later adopted by an Australian couple.
Saroo had always been desperate to learn of his family’s fate.  As an illiterate young boy, he had never known the name of the town where he had grown up and so he started scanning Google Earth in a bid to track down it’s location.
Amazingly, he worked it out, and traced his roots back to a town in central India, where he travelled to, and was reunited with his family.
An incredible tale of the wonders of modern technology, and one of which is apparently of particular interest to movie producers in the wake of Slumdog’s success.