A Miawwwtastic Mix Of Web Hits


A Miawwwtastic Mix Of Web Hits


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The fashion industry has long cultivated a reputation for being, for want of a more opulent word, bizarre. Fashion designers seem to strive to create designs that are both attention grabbing and impractical and models strut their stuff in makeup that spans the colour spectrum. Even hairstyles are inconsistent, slicked back boy crops trotting alongside those who look like they have just been plugged into the mains. In fact, pretty much the only thing one can rely on as staying the same during a show is the catwalk itself. That is, until now. This month, to celebrate its launch, Boston hotel The Revere, has seen its exterior transformed into a vertical catwalk! Models wore spring/summer outfits designed by Ted Baker, and were selected for their rock-climbing abilities from the Boston Rock Gym. Now I wonder how long it will be until London based shows jump on (or should that be over?) the bandwagon….


TOOT TOOT, PIZZA! (Victoria)

In an attempt to be green, Dominos have adopted so called ‘silent scooters’ which are emission free as their delivery vehicles in the Netherlands.
The Pizza Giant have come up with a novel way to ensure that these scooters are still able to be heard however so as not to cause accidents.
The delivery scooter replicates the sound of a motorbike which alternates with a voice that says, “Pizza” everytime the vehicle accelerates.


Jamie Oliver may have tried to educate the cooking incapables throughout the country but fortunately for him he missed a bunch who apparently can’t cook pasta! I think the revelation that a quarter of 16-24s don’t know how to cook pasta to the right texture would have sent him to the depths of despair! Bonkers!
Celeb chefs-get yer pots and pans at the ready!


This short video captures everything you need to say whilst being in the PR industry. Created by Hunters PR, the team there jumped on board of ‘stuff people say’ videos that were viral hits last month. In the video such sayings as “Did you get my email?” to “There’s no budget?” Working in a PR atmosphere I hear these sayings every day and appreciate that those in the industry will find this video funnier than I do. 
If you haven’t seen any of the ‘stuff people say’ videos then you should have a watch of the hundreds of viral hits online. 


For all of you in creative industries do you know that you’re deemed to be more dishonest than people who are not that creative? This is the theory which has came from a study by Harvard and Drake University in North Carolina after it was revealed that the more creative you are the more likely you are to lie. After conducting five separate experiment’s it was found that the more creative participants were significantly more likely to cheat and there was no link between intelligence and dishonesty, the more intelligent but less creative people were not inclined to be dishonest.  Watch out creatives you are being watched…