A Melting Pot Of Worldly Links For Wednesday


A Melting Pot Of Worldly Links For Wednesday

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Well there we have it, our Facebook “friends” are stressing us out, yet another fixation to add to the long list of things to worry about.A recent report published by the Edinburgh Business School states that the more “friends” you have on Facebook the more stressed you are likely to be about having them. As Facebook approaches ubiquity it’s rapidly changing in users, now it seems everyone and their granny is using this form of social media. It’s been found that some 80% of parents who use social media have not only friended their kids on Facebook but half of these have posted messages on their children’s profiles. Christ.In an even more shocking revelation a survey conducted by CareerBuilder found that 37% of hiring managers use social networking sites to do a background checks before hiring potential employees. All this said, I don’t feel stressed out or even care really, who I might offend with my posts. Perhaps that’s because my parents are technophobes and wouldn’t know how to look me up if they tried…



I have never really caught the charity shopping bug, despite having to walk past on a daily basis the millions that line the streets of Stockbridge.Some of my friends have scored some incredible bargains at charity shops over the years, which has tempted me to cross the musty smelling frontier of my local Cancer Research from time to time, but not quite…However after reading the following article on the amazing finds people have found in thrift stores in the US, I may certainly do so!From Ansel Adams negatives to Renoir masterpieces, various unsuspecting shoppers have hit million pound windfalls after picking up seemingly worthless pieces of art.



We all know what it’s like at lunch time in the office. The winning combo of lack of time+lack of space makes for a less than ideal environment to eat ones loving constructed packed lunch. MOMA, as part of their ‘Workspheres’ exhibition has requested that Dutch designer Hella Jongerius come up with pieces for the installation entitled ‘My Soft Office’.  The piece that grabs my attention most is the keyboard designed with a plate-like structure that cuts the keyboard into two halves. This ingenious yet rather un-hygienic adaption to the conventional computer keyboard could be the solution to the space/time problem faced by millions of office workers each lunch time.There are obviously a few concerns regarding hygiene. Computer keyboards have long been blamed for causing health problems. Research conducted by Which? in 2008 found they can harbour more harmful bacteria than a lavatory seat. If this is not of massive worry to you however what better way to eat your lunch from the comfort and now less crowded space of your own desk.



So, Home Secretary Theresa May will be getting the gloves on to face cabinet colleagues after it is announced that the government plan on imposing a minimum price of 45p on a unit of alcohol. For those of you struggling to put this in to real terms, a pint of larger is made up of nearly 3 units. Aimed at tackling binge drinking, the move will also include restrictions on two for one offers, although deals like the Marks and Spencer ‘Dine in for £10’ will be exempt as it is not believed to encourage the binge drinking ethos. I feel quite torn on this topic – I feel I do not want to pay any more for the alcohol which I greatly, and regularly, enjoy, however I can appreciate there is a sub culture of binge drinking present within Britain that needs tackled. And increasing the cost of alcohol is probably the cheapest way the Government can achieve this. If only the rich paid their taxes – then we could have a fully functioning social welfare system which could provide individual support to those with alcohol problems. 



As most of my friends will know I’m not the best cook in the world so many are taking pleasure in the fact that I’m having Christmas dinner at my house. Well luckily for me my boyfriend has the skills so I’m not worrying too much. Although I have noticed a good place to go for xmas recipes for those who can cook, the Guardian’s Christmas recipe interactive page. Recipes from people like Nigel Slater, Delia Smith, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Nigella Lawson will definitely help even the worst cooks entertained this Chrismas or more so their unwilling victims.