A Medley of Web Finds on a Monday

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A Medley of Web Finds on a Monday

  BlogHolyrood 5

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With Easter Sunday approaching us this weekend, why not learn to make the delicious delicacy that is the easter egg. However, this method may be slightly unorthodox to the one you might have imagined. There is lots of melted chocolate and sugar involved, with whisking and mixing, but the ‘chef’ decides to be more ‘creative’.


Scared of heights? Well thank yourself that you are not this dare-devil stuntman. Mustang Wanted, a Ukrainian amateur Spider-Man, has posed at the top of some seriously high structures across the world and even uploaded a few of his near-death climbs to Youtube. With over half a million views, you too can watch him scale some enormous buildings capturing some spectacular snaps on his way. So if you are scared of even climbing up step-ladders and looking down, this might put things into perspective and help you conquer your fear.



North Korea is about as far away as you can get from Gangnam Style and the country is known to be far more closed than its southern counterpart. However, elements of western culture can’t help but creep in, even though they may only feature a passing resemblance to their original design. A perfect example is the North Korean equivalent of Facebook and Twitter. Found on what is more accurately called an intranet than the internet, Red Star is cut off form the outside world. Including local message broads the site is mainly used by university students and professors to connect with each other. For more see the link below.


Online or internet dating has boomed in recent years and it is said that the industry is currently worth $4 billion globally. I’m assuming we’ve all heard of mail order brides, but I for one was not aware that women can also order husbands from online sites such as MailOrderHusbands.net which claims to have pioneered the internet spouse ordering industry. My blog today is not about my adventures with online dating – sorry to disappoint, but highlights the characters that one might come across when partaking in such activities. Meet TJ, a long blond curly haired tattoo enthusiast from Missouri, USA. He’s “looking for a girl named “Julie”…it’s just easier that way. I got this “Julie” tattoo last year, and would prefer to not deal with it. Or if you want to change your name that’s cool.” So for all you Julie’s out there looking for love (or just a good laugh) click below:



A hungry mutt clocked up an eight grand vet bill to save the poor pup’s life after he polished off a packet of raisins.
Charlie, a-five-year-old retriever, is known to be the family dustbin, munching off all sorts but took it to a whole new level after leaping onto the kitchen bunker for what could have been a deadly feast.
Luckily the pooch has bounced back to full health after his brush with death. The ginormous bill covered dialysis, surgery, scans, drugs and intensive care.
No family holiday for the Middleton’s this year. A warning to all – keep your mutts away from death inducing raisins, currants and grapes.