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Swarms of Edinburgh inhabitants have taken to Twitter to vent their disgust at a rap video used to promote the “winterinedinburgh” campaign. 
I’ve seen some hysterically bad rap videos from Scottish rappers who are basically a downgrade of 50 Cent and in my opinion he’s pretty damn bad too.
The rap video features the lyrical skills of Stanley Odd who lends his vocals to the video which features cartoon characters, including lobsters, darting about the city before the Walter Scott Monument is seen blasting off like a rocket.
Greg Maxwell took to the social media page to ask: “Prawns. Snow. Landmarks. In Edinburgh. Crazy rap song. Did I really just see that advert?”
Watch the video and see what’s causing the uproar.


Yes, yes, yes, my favourite ever programme on TV is going to be colliding with only my favourite soap tonight for Children in Need.  The Apprentice is dropping in on Albert Square and Lord Sugar is going to show Ian Beale a thing or two about the real world of business. The business tycoon will be examining the CV’s of him and Alfie Moon, don’t think he will find his next apprentice any time soon.

Morrison’s Christmas Ad (Dionne)

Morrison’s Christmas advert has to be one of my favorite Christmas adverts this year.
The advert called “For Your Christmas”is a satirical look at the work and effort that goes into that one day of the year.
The ad features a variety of hilarious scenes from the mum fighting with a turkey in a boxing ring to scoring a stack of sprouts that goes to the ceiling and the queue of guests that not only feels like it goes round the block it literally goes round the block.
For those that christmas is marked by the arrival of the Coca Cola Christmas Truck advert you had better get yourself into town on Sunday to see the real thing.


It’s that time of year again and people are starting to think about Christmas (or studiously try to NOT think about Christmas, depending on your sensibilities, as commercial consumerism tries it’s best to shove it down our throats, eyes and ears). When I lived in France our local shopping centre erected a horse riding ring and in the weeks running up to the big day – more fun than your usual shopping centre display of a waving Santa surrounded by elves. However, even Christmas pony rides are less bizarre then the Christmas display found in Spain, heralded by The Huffington Post as the ‘Weirdest Christmas Decoration of All Time’. Ok, I shall keep you in suspense no longer, this decoration is….a giant elf squatting in the middle of the shopping centre, taking a poo while holding a candy cane. To be seen to be believed folks, so follow the link below.


I find those contrived professional family photos pretty cringey, and it seems like everyone and their brother has them adorning their walls these days, providing endless laughs for visiting friends – thankfully my parents didn’t follow this trend however.
A Canadian photographer has set to combat this by producing eye popping compositions which portray the chaotic life of a family rather than the usual studio set up against a white backdrop.
He has put children in cooking pots, made them breakdance, hung them upside down and let them loose with musical instruments to hilarious effects!
You can view his shots via his online portfolio: