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OM4G (Aoibhínn)

Who can forget last years’ canine sensation Fenton the Labrador, who racked up millions of hits when he was caught on camera giving his owner the run around in Richmond Park.Seemingly is has been exactly a year since the unruly dog chased a petrified herd of deer, much to the dismay of his fuming owner. Newcomer to the UK mobile network EE, have cleverly remastered this hilariously iconic YouTube video in a bid to celebrate the launch of its 4G data service in the UK. Fenton’s new adventure sees him chasing not only a herd of deer but an array of wildlife including an elephant, ostrich, squirrels and even a Tyrannosaurus Rex.



Well it’s safe to say I’m still buzzing from my first Scotland rugby match against the All Blacks at the weekend. Much to the dismay of my rugby playing boyfriend who had to sit through me asking who was who and what they were doing throughout most of the game, we had a whale of a time with pre match and post match ciders helping to add to the excitement. Best thing is I can relive the day with the RBS fan photo. What a great souvenir!



Most people will be aware of the furore surrounding the young man who took a photo of a burning remembrance poppy and posted it on Facebook. I agree that this may have caused offence to some people. However, this is fully within this young man’s human rights – to express whatever opinion he holds, in whichever way he chooses, so long as it does not harm others. I would argue offence is not harm. If we arrest this man, for symbolically conveying his opinion (which, I hasten to add, is by no means clear through a picture) then how can we get angry when Muslim extremists kick off at Dutch cartoonists depicting the prophet Muhammad? For more on why the freedom of speech is so important, follow the link below. 



Just in time for the festive season NARS have released a line of cosmetics inspired by Andy Warhol. To coincide with the launc, NARS has created a Facebook App that gives your profile a Warhol make over. Using a webcam you take a few shots of yourself or choose an existing Facebook photo to be made over. The app then converts the photo into a Warhol-esq picture. It also creates a cover photo for your profile using your picture and NARS cosmetics. There are different cosmetics sets and individual products such as an eyeshadow pallet which is a portrait of Andy Warhol.  Looks quite fun and my favourite has to be the Edie set which comes in a 16mm film roll tin.



Ever been at a party, and wanted to make a little extra cash by tricking your friends? Well this short video shows you 10 ways in which to confuse and trick your friends. From making a chicken out of just a tea towel to picking up a beer bottle with just a straw, these tricks are designed around everyday items you will find in a bar/club or at home. So next time your out with your friends at a party and want a free drink, this is definitely the way forward.