A Gold Mine Of Treasure For The Digging

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A Gold Mine Of Treasure For The Digging

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A young school girl and her brother have become unlikely YouTube sensations after a video of her delivering heartfelt but stern advice to her younger sibling went viral. 
The video captures the young girl counseling her brother on the wicked ways of the world. On lecturing him to listen to mom and dad and being too young to fight she says “You’re nearly three, you need to toughen up a bit.” 
Her little brother stares into the distance forlornly and appears unsure how to take his sisters words of wisdom. “Think about it, think about it,” she concludes.
Could this little school girl be Britain’s answer to Oprah? 


Churchgoers in Essex who have been without a vicar for 16 months have taken to YouTube to advertise for a replacement. The parish’s two busy churches, St Andrew’s in Bicknacre and St Mary’s in Woodham Ferrers currently “borrow” retired clergy and vicars from neighbouring parishes.
They have made repeated attempts to recruit a new vicar since the Rev Mary Cottee retired in June 2011. Now villagers have made a video appealing for suitable candidates – using a cardboard cut-out to show exactly where the new clergyman will fit in.
The video – featuring nearly the whole village – opens with one parishioner being told off for the director for making jokes about the graveyard being the “dead centre of the village”.


It seems Lego have jumped on the Baumgartner bandwagon and released their own version of the record-breaking sky dive. The video recreates the epic 24 mile jump performed by the Austrian born daredevil, Felix Baumgartner, in an attempt to promote the ModelMaker Fair in Vienna this October. 
The stunt drew attention from across the globe, with Lego’s version racking up over 2.5 million views and counting. The video hit YouTube shortly after Baumgartner landed in New Mexico desert Sunday afternoon and can be viewed via the link below. 


Forget Baumgartner achieving the worlds highest skydive at the weekend; the real winner has been US energy drink Red Bull who sponsored the epic plunge from space.
The stunt, entitled, the ‘Red Bull Stratos’ was perfectly placed to reflect the brand’s slogan, “Red Bull Gives You Wings” and marketing experts have hailed it as the greatest marketing stunt of all time.
Eight million people tuned in from all over the world to watch the live coverage, with the brand’s logo given prime position on Baumgartner’s suit and equipment.
Additional to the amount of revenue that will be generated through the sponsorship, the longevity of the partnership will continue for years to come for the brand.


It is always tragic when a parent outlives their child, and the grieving process is unique to each individual, or so they say. However, keeping your dead son in a freezer is perhaps out with the boundaries of acceptable behaviour. But this is exactly what a couple in China have done after their son died of leukimia, not longer after having started college. The couple claim that having their son in their house makes them feel like he is still with them, particularly as they can pull up some chairs, open the freezer lid, and chat to him. Personally, although I hope never to be in a similar situation, I probably find the concept of keeping a deceased loved one in a freezer more appealing than burying them 6ft under. As they say, each to their own.