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AFRICA (Gaynor)

After David Attenborough’s documentary Africa was debuted this week many people are still talking about the amazing wild life wonders that graced our screens. For me one scene stuck out like a sore thumb and that was the giraffe’s amazing fight for its territory. What was most interesting about the fight was the fact that these gentle giants will go some lengths to ensure their territory is marked. If you missed the fight, you can check it out again here….

365 DAYS, 365 SECONDS (Victoria)

Our New Year’s Resolutions have been hot topic in the office over the past few days, but I think most of us are realistic in the knowledge that most of our radical pledges will fizzle out by Spring.
A filmmaker from Austin, Texas stuck to his goal last year and the result is very impressive.
Jonathan Britnell shot one second of video footage a day in 2012 to add a dose of creativity to his day and compiled this to create a 365 second long montage.
It is certainly a very creative resolution which definitely trumps mine – to run a 10k…which I am determined will happen! Well I did fulfil last year’s resolution which was to pass my driving test so I’m off to a positive start!


Did you know that most alcoholic beverages contain all 13 minerals needed to sustain human life? Those with alcohol related New Year’s resolutions should get thinking of a new one as there’s clearly no need.
Or did you know that before the rubber, bread was used to wipe out pencil marks?
These are just two hard hitting facts in this short video clip which will fill you with possibly useless trivia you may never repeat.


A 15 year old girl, who was shot in the head by the Taliban in her home country of Pakistan over 4 months ago, has been released form hospital in Birmingham. Malala Yousafzai is set to return to Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital later on this month to undergo cranial reconstruction surgery as a result of having been shot just above her left eye. Malala became famous the world over for blogging for the BBC about life under Taliban rule, and it is for this reason she was targeted by militants. It is likely that Malala, who was awarded the first National Peace Award by the Pakistani government in December 2012, will stay in Birmingham after her operations.  Her father, Ziauddin Yousafzai, has been appointed as Pakistan’s education attaché at the Consulate in Birmingham, a job which is believed to be for up to three years.


I’m a dog lover but I’ll leave my preference aside for a few minutes after reading about a cat cafe set to be brought to London after creating a storm in Japan. 
Linda Dinah’s Cat Emporium will be the first of its kind in the UK where abandoned and homeless cats will be given a home for our feline pleasure. For £5 a pop, up to 50 customers will be able to enter where they can stay as long as they like chilling in chairs, stroking cats, reading and veging out.
But, to make this happen, entrepreneur Lauren Pears and her team need your help. They need to raise £108,000 and are using crowdfunding website Indiehgogo to try and make this happen.
So far they’ve nearly tipped £5,500 and with 43 the race is on so if you’d like to flex your cat love, dip those paws into your pockets.