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It’s no doubt that Scotland has born some of the greatest inventors of all time. From the perfection of the steam engine, the bicycle and the modern tyre to the discovery of penicillin and the creation of the television, we can attribute these inventions to our Scottish forefathers. Although, not all inventions were as successful or as practical as the ones mentioned above. Take the hangover mask for example, a ridiculous looking face mask covered with ice cubes to cool those post party traumas. Or how about the ludicrous cone shaped, transparent face cover to protect our faces from the rain and snow? For some of the most absurd and slightly strange historic inventions have a wee look at the link below.


Who would have thought that after all the April fools jokes for “All Ends” went down well for Warburtons! Bringing out a limited edition version of a loaf of bread having only the end bits of the crust loaf, starting off with over 1000 likes after a picture was pasted on facebook at the start of the month.  
Mark Simester marketing director at Warburtons said “We had no idea that our spoof loaf would receive such an enthusiastic response, so we’re pleased to have baked limited editions for our most discerning crust lovers on Facebook.” Wonder how that might end up!


Not usually a fan of mythical unrealism and what I would probably, at my most uncharitable, call overplayed fairytales; I am a Game of Thrones champion. However, according to an article on mashable.com, the third series of the out-of-this-world drama is not doing as well as anticipated. Dropping 32% to 7th in the chart of top cable programmes, the series did better than that competing wit it for the Sunday night hot spot, Mad Men, which didn’t even feature on the list. It doesn’t matter to me though; I’m still waiting until then end so I can watch them all in one long indulgent session. And with Scottish weather being the way it is, I think staying in for a whole weekend sounds like the safest plan.


It seems that the social media is part of the emergency response to the Boston Marathon bombing, Just like any ordinary Monday afternoon the 2013 Boston Marathon was held when two explosions went off near the finish line of the event killing three people, one victim being an eight year old boy and over 100 injured. It was said that the Mayor had tweeted a good luck message to all the runners just before the crisis happened, followed by another tweet from the official account of the Mayor’s office which than quickly led to the fast moving events and tweeted advice to the public. It seems the press are finding any explanation to the incident!


Apart from the odd buskers or bampots, not much entertainment activity goes down in any Scottish rail stations I’ve rocked up to recently. Don’t get me wrong buskers or bampots could keep me transfixed but this is all set to change as Glasgow’s Central Station is set to host weekly jazz concerts.
As part of a bid to turn it into a ‘destination’ station it’s hoped the main concourse performances will get passengers staying for longer before hopping on to their destination. Glasgow’s music scene already leave’s ours lurking behind like the black sheep sibling so this will certainly sky rocket the city as the capital of culture.
Brilliant idea all round – passengers get a blastful welcoming and musicians get some cracking exposure.
Plus I’ve never eaten a Chicken Royale over a double bass blast.