A Flock of High Flyers For a Tuesday Tuck-In

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Sci-fi fanatic or not, you’ll be surprised at just how much technology has been inspired by this popular genre of fiction. It seems that old movies accurately predicted or perhaps more likely influenced the future of technology. Arthur Clarke was a British science fiction writer, inventor and futurist and the man behind the film and book 2001: A Space Odyssey. In 1945 Clarke wrote an article for the Wireless World magazine, highlighting a new concept which turned out to be the modern day satellite we now use for long distance phone calls, satellite TV and of course broadband internet. In the 1986 film Space Odyssey Clarke came up with a futuristic gadget he called a newspad – a flat-panel screen that allowed its users to read Earth’s newspapers from afar. Similar to our modern day tablet or e-reader perhaps? Let’s relish in the thought that not all sci-fi predictions come true thankfully! 


Are you a fan of car crash TV? Because I suggest if you are not, you should look away now and avoid clicking the below link, at all costs. I would dole out the same advice to Boris Johnson fans, but in all honesty you need to witness this in order to alleviate your very misplaced fondness. Because that’s what it is with Boris Johnson, he seems soft and fluffy and bumbling, but really he is sexist, bigoted and completely out of touch with the everyday person. And I have a feeling Eddie Mair, covering for Andrew Marr on the BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show, may feel the same way I do. For more click the link and watch the car/bicycle crash unfold.


Sometimes you just can’t shake off being tired no matter how many cups of coffee you have. But don’t fret, you are definitely not alone. This video shows one sleepy meerkat who can’t keep his heavy eyes open and keeps falling over. If this tiredness does not apply to you, then still watch the video because everyone loves a cute animal doing cute things. It’s sure to brighten up what is supposed to be the worst day of the week.


Say the words Spring Break and you instantly think of booze, babes (or not), spunky hunks and all out drink fuelled beach side social riots. Did you ever wonder where this tradition sprung from?
I didn’t question it until the answer fell onto my lap taking me back to 1958 when an English professor at Michigan State University decided to tag along with a group of students who’d bumped church services for sun baking. Glendon Swarthout wrote a book on his experiences which in 1960 became a movie and suddenly 50,000 instead of 20,000 students were packing heat in Florida to experience the spring break they’d seen on-screen. And the rest is history.
I’d put my bets on the 1960 movie being a whole lot better than Vanessa Hudgens depiction of teens gone wild. I bet that was an absolute gurning cringe fest.


A new hilarious advert in Brazil has emerged on YouTube to help men stop using female shampoos and buy their own. The advert has a man at his desk being asked questions and every time he moves his head, a slow motion effect happens with his long hair shining in the light. His colleague looks on bewildered and questions the guy’s new hair. He soon realises his mop is very feminine and rushes to buy Dove + Care shampoo for men to help restore his manly looks. Definitely worth a watch.