A Flash Of ‘Finally Its Friday’ Web Fun

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A Flash Of ‘Finally Its Friday’ Web Fun

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Being in the PR businesses means we have to be au-fait with social media and social networking, but I have to admit that before I started working for the Holyrood PR I did not, and had never, Tweeted. Now Twitter plays an important role in my day to day working life and so when I saw this article by the Drum I was intrigued. The article is aimed at those who give complain about poor service via twitter, and it begs us to remember that behind the twitter account there is a real person who is just trying to do their jobs. Poor service should be highlighted, but sometimes it comes back to that age old adage; ‘its not what you say it’s the way that you say it’. I couldn’t agree more!



Judd Apatow’s Anchorman was a phenomenal success back in 2004, leaving fans itching for a sequel ever since. It was comical genius in my opinion, and has led to the eternal quoting of it’s many hilarious quips (who can forget the likes of “I like lamp”, “smelly pirate hooker” and “AUDREY”!) When it was announced that the bumbling newsman would return to our screen in 2013, it was only a matter of time before a trailer was released – and now it has! Only a snippet however, but enough to leave you smelling sex panther in the air.


DIY giants Wickes are finally coming into the age of new media and are launching a new Facebook app which allows smug handy men to share their masterpieces with the world. ‘My project app’ which has been created by Jam allow people to put pictures of their latest projects into various templates as well as include hints and tips for other DIY enthusiasts. Although quite a good first campaign I personally think it may have been funnier to allow people to share their DIY disasters and win something like a DIY master class at a Wickes store.



Sir Sean Connery made his first public appearance in two years yesterday when he launched Ever to Excel, a film about the 600 year history of St Andrews University. Rumours of his ill health have been flying about over the past few years, but the Scottish legend appeared on great form when he rang the bell to start trading on the New York stock exchange yesterday. The film itself is narrated by the star and the ringing of the bell was in recognition of the St Andrews University’s landmark anniversary. Great to see Sean show his support once again for Scotland.



Its a well known fact that Dads aren’t the best dancers in the world, but one Dad has proven the stereotype wrong with this hilarious dance routine at his daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. The 5 minute clip see the duo dance and the dad bust out the moves to avriety of classic party songs including Mambo Numbo 5 and he even performs a great version of the running man. The video which is on Youtube has had over 500,000 views since being uploaded under three weeks ago.