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A Flash Dance Of Links On Freitag

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Murray Greig Australia rugby game

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Die hard rugby fans will know that the Scots whipped the Auzzies at the game on Wednesday in Newcastle, Australia! But what they might not know, if they saw the game, is that the mentalist Scot who broke onto the field and showed the crowds what we don’t wear under our kilts was my cousin, Murray Greig! I’d like to say I couldn’t believe it, but with a rep as an exhibitionist I’m glad he finally got some coverage out of it and made the back pages of an Australian newspaper with the headline ‘Braveheart’ Here’s another pic of him mid dash http://www.theherald.com.au/news/local/news/general/rugged-up-and-ready-for-rugby/2581129.aspx


It’s more a tradition in the states but baby showers are slowly making their way into the UK. Everything from the decor to the cakes, never mind bridezilla it’s more like babyzilla! Check out these weird and wonderful cakes from various baby showers. If you are easily shocked or offended then look away now. If you want a laugh then this is for you!

I HATE MY JOB.COM (Laura)   

We all have days when we really hate our jobs, but new information sourced from the stolen LinkedIn passwords earlier this week, shows that there are some people out there who really, really hate their jobs, so much so that they have even changed their passwords to reflect this. From ihatemyjob to killmenow the passwords show that we are an unhappy bunch when it comes to our working lives. Lets just hope that my bosses don’t see my ihateholyroodpr password then…..


Now, I like ice-cream as much as the next person – it is not unheard of for a whole tub of the stuff to disappear in one (admittedly extended) sitting. However, never in a million years could I contemplate finishing what has been dubbed the ‘Titanic Ice Cream Sundae Challenge’. Invented by an ice cream shop owner in Scotland’s capital the Challenge requires participants to scoff the mammoth 3000 calorie treat in less than 15 minutes! As reported by Deadline News the Sundae contains 20 scoops of ice cream, whipped cream, smarties, skittles and sauces – and fruit too if your health conscience so desires! Shop owner Tahar Javaid says they have had one customer who finished the dessert in the allotted time, and in return he was given the £10 delight for free. Now if there were a way to do it in teams of two I could be tempted….


A fan of Bacardi rum? You’ll probably be excited about this piece of news then! The spirit giant has revealed two new exotic flavours-Bacardi Wolf Berry (blueberry and wolfberry) and Bacardi Black Razz (rasberry and black sapote).But that’s not all, the bottles react to a change in temperature and when chilled reveals a bold illustration to symbolise the ingredients! Very creative.