A Firkin of Freitag Finds

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A Firkin of Freitag Finds

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If by some near impossible chance these don’t have you entertained-perhaps our Facebook and Twitter pages will do the job! 


When comedy and gaming merge it creates something beautiful and the video series in question happens to be from Burnistoun star Robert Florence!
The Independent Charles Show reviews Xbox Live’s Indie Games with some being completely bonkers but at the same time hilariously relateable! 
There’s only six episodes because it was cut which might be down to its eccentric style-I reckon the Americans just didn’t get it!


We’ve all heard of the Subway guy who lost half his body weight eating foot long sandwiches, and now comes a woman who claims to have shed a whopping 85lbs eating all her meals at the famous coffee chain.
Now I am no nutrional expert, but I would surely AVOID Starbucks at all costs when dieting – too many tasty muffins and sweet treats on offer (a struggle I was faced with this week when meeting a client, alas, I was strong!)
Christine Hall, 66 spent around $16 a day and enjoyed paninis, brownies and cheese boxes as part of her diet which was calorie controlled, helped by Starbucks’ nutritional info.
I wonder if Starbucks will go down the Subway route and use her as a clever marketing tool!

HOLY S**T! (Gaynor)

That’s probably what actor Peter Capaldi and Former Labour  spin doctor Alastair Campbell both said and thought when their ‘swearathon’ was accidentally broadcast into a children’s crèche. The two celebs were taking part in the charity activity to raise money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma research when their swear words were broadcast across the entire building leading organisers to realise that the sound was audible in a children’s crèche downstairs. After apologising profusely Campbell lapped up his victory against Capaldi after managing to cram eleven uses of the F word into a one minute speech.


It doesn’t appear to be just us girls at Holyrood PR that are seeking a more streamlined appearance. Ebay have unveiled a new logo to mark their 17th anniversary and celebrate their web commerce success to date. The new logo retains the vibrant colours used in the old logo but uses a thinner, slimmer font. According to DigitalTrends.com the announcement from Ebay follows a “logo rebranding trend that most other companies in the tech realm have undergone.” The new logo is definitely more unified making it far more corporate than it was before, but the colours ensure it is still recognisable.


For some highly amusing, and possibly racist, descriptions of how to identify a Scottish person you need look no further than the article accessed through the link below. Containing some interesting facts – including the fact that it was Scots immigrants who were behind MacDonalds and Kelloggs cereal – this article says Scots typically have red-tinted skin, wide nostrils and a nose which, although not necessarily large, could not be called small. Looking around the Scottish contingent in our office I can’t say any of these stand up – apart from perhaps myself!