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A Drip Down Of Dribbly Links

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Zombie Gnomes

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If you’re up to date with our Facebook page then you may have seen a rather interesting garden gnome find with very suggestive looking nether bits! Weirdest garden piece I’ve seen in a long time but then again it was found of Leith Walk. Now I’ve found weirder-the zombie gnomes and there’s even a whole website dedicated to the flesh munchin creatures. There’s a page for the survivors and sadly those who’ve been infected-check out Legless Larry whose legs were gnawed off resorting him to scavenging around the grass for flesh!
Wish I had a garden!


The humble ‘press release’ has been much maligned over the years. Which is a shame, because at Holyrood PR we believe it is quite simply the first of many potentital starting points for telling the stories of a busienss or organisation. So, I loved this blog, which sums up the difference between the power of storytelling – and the fall-flat effect of pushing sales and corporate messages. If you want your stories to be of the ‘magical’ variety, give us a call.


The popular Oreo brand has become the centre of an online controversy after the company posted an image of a cookie stuffed with rainbow coloured cream in support of gay pride.
The photo was posted on Oreo’s Facebook page this week alongside the message, ‘Proudly support love’ attracting over 160,000 likes and 22,000 comments to date, but also provoking heated discussions among opponents.
Oreo does not plan to produce the colourful cookie unfortunately and was just part of a campaign to celebrate it’s centennial, although many have critisised Kraft for taking on a political position unrelated to it’s business.


A recent study shows that women’s style of speech is making them appear more rude, aggressive, and curt. While maybe their lack of social graces are due to an increase of insolence, recent studies suggest that their apparent attitudes are most likely the result of a language shift invoked by social media. The language they use is becoming shorter, sharper and “to the point” which gives them less time to formulate eloquent, deliberate sentences. The trend is more noticeable in girls than boys due to the fact that they still communicate more frequently. Specialists believe that the new generation’s style of language is becoming more direct in general, and is becoming increasingly hard for parents and the business community to distinguish between being aggressive and being straightforward. Maybe we should start a finishing school for twitter?


Japanese tourists are being something of a re-education when it comes to visiting the land of the kilt wearing, lorne sausage eating whisky wielders! The first official Japanese tour guide warns tourists not to approach those wearing football shirts or to eat ‘weird’ lorne sausages. But it very much encourages visitors to try Ir-Bru and make sure to go on a pub crawl and get ‘merrily drunk’ on Scottish whisky.
Also I didn’t know our wet weather umbrella behaviour was somewhat of a mystery to the Japanese but the book aims to solve this puzzler!
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