A decade of estate agency excellence on top

Warners Solicitors and Estate Agents Press releases

13-FEB-Scott-BrownWarners Solicitors and Estate Agents has become the top property solicitor in the ESPC for an unprecedented tenth year in a row.
Warners, who have held the number one ranking in the ESPC every year since 1998 despite fierce competition from rivals, sold 745 properties in 2008 with a total sales value of in excess of £141 million. That represents more sales and more in terms of total pounds sold than any other solicitor-estate agent.
Scott Brown, Estate Agency Partner at the firm that has four property shops throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians, said while he is happy to have hit the top spot once again, the sales figures are especially pleasing this year.
He said: “To be the top ESPC solicitor for a decade marks a real milestone for Warners. We are absolutely delighted.
“This has been undoubtedly a tough year for the property market but we are still experiencing a reasonable level of activity.
“What’s more, I think many people will be surprised to learn that one firm did sell 745 properties in 2008 and that transactions are still happening. Whilst I know that some firms in England will have been lucky to have sold one property a month, there have been too many people quick to believe that the market has died completely.
“We have always stated that Scotland, and in particular Edinburgh as its capital, is better placed to ride through the current challenges.
“We are experiencing a slump which we cannot hide from, indeed our registrations were down by 15% and our sales by 34% compared to 2007’s figures, but there is still a level of activity from people who want to buy and sell homes regardless of the economic climate. Those people who get solid, sensible advice and are realistic about their expectations are still achieving sales.
“Retaining our title as the top property solicitor is testament to the hard work and dedication of all our team at Warners. Our clients are confident we provide a strong and supportive service in difficult times.”
Scott added: “Our philosophy is to never take our fingers off the pulse. That means we always try to go the extra mile in terms of delivering excellent service and advice to clients so that we can reach the largest audience of potential buyers possible and attract the best possible price.
“We always review and look to improve the service we provide across the board, from the property managers and property administration who deal with all enquiries, to the negotiators who handle the final contracts.
“I’m convinced this attention to client service has allowed us to maintain our position as the leading solicitor-estate agent in Edinburgh and the Lothians.”
Looking forward, Scott believes that the lower interest rates will reinvigorate faith in the property market in 2009 and encourage more people to consider buying again.
Scott added: “Unfortunately we still face another challenging year in 2009 and, although it is very early to predict what will happen throughout the year, I hope mortgage lenders and the Bank of England will take steps to buoy the market. The issue is not the ability of people to borrow, but the ability of people to borrow a high enough percentage of the price to afford the property.
“Prices have fallen significantly and there are signs investors are returning to the market as rental yields become better and the interest being paid by banks on invested funds is so low. In the early part of 2009 we have seen both an increase in viewers and also in the numbers of offers being submitted for our clients’ properties. ”
“In the meantime we will continue to provide a top-class service for both our existing and new clients and hopefully keep our number one position into an eleventh consecutive year.”