A Cup of Tea & A Dunk Of High Fives


A Cup of Tea & A Dunk Of High Fives


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I find washing and drying my hair so tiresome, and often think how amazing it would be if someone could just do it for me every morning or if there was some sort of hair coiffing robot…
Well, there is- and it is currently being trialled by Japanese technology giant Panasonic!
It has been developed to aid the elderly and the disabled, and is hoping to go into wider commercial use in hair salons at the end of it’s trial also.
As well as shampooing and conditioning, the robot also provides a relaxing head massage, and it’s 24 fingers measure the user’s head to customise the experience.
At the end of the washing, the robot blow dries your hair expertly.



Being a videographer, I always scout the web looking for tips, tricks or new equipment on the market. One of the most entertaining things I have come across is slow motion cameras. You will have seen them on wildlife documentaries filming a bird flying across the sky at a great speed but with these cameras they manage to capture it’s every feather movement or from Frozen Planet where they capture a whale or shark jumping out the water and crashing through the wave. These pieces of kit are not cheap but you can argue that the quality of the finished product is payment in itself. 
There is a channel on YouTube by 2 guys calling themselves the ‘Slow Mo Guys’. The dynamic duo have invested in a slow motion camera and filmed themselves carrying out everyday tasks such as smashing things up, falling over or even filming one of their cats jumping out a tree. As most of us are heavy tea drinkers in the office I thought this was only fitting that I used their tea making video as an example. These guys have accumulated over 70 million hits online and are always uploading new and exciting videos to watch.



Holidays are a time for enjoyment and relaxation. A nonstop eat and drink fest many people will pile on a couple of pounds during their trip. The frightening thing is that if you go on a cruise you are expected to put on a pound a day. Yeah that’s right a pound a day meaning that you can come back a stone heavier from when you left. It’s hardly surprising really when you are enjoying a four course meal every night. So if you are cruising this summer then make sure to buy a bigger wardrobe for coming back to. Beached whale will be a very fitting description.



Shopping for jeans can have women ripping their hair out! There’s so much to consider but if you find a cracking pair they make you feel sexy as hell! Here’s an invention that removes all the sweat-Me-Ality body scanning kiosk! Simply slip yourself into the machine and it measures every nook and cranny of your measurements to direct you to the store which stocks the perfect pair! The contraption has already hit shopping centres in the U.S and has created a storm, I bet it will have women global wide screaming out for one.
Check out the promo vid-done in typical American fashion-complete cheese!



Today the Daily Record brings us the touching story of Garvey Evans, a young Scottish boy suffering from a brain tumour. Garvey, who is twelve years old and currently undergoing chemotherapy, is a huge fan of marching bands, and his dreams came true when he opened his front door to the Scots Guard playing Scotland the Brave. Having originally contacted the Scots Guard in the hope of a mere letter of support, Garvey’s father was shocked and delighted when the military band said they would come to visit his son especially.