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A Bucket Flash Of Winners

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Meet Tippi Degre, a young girl who had the most unusual childhood. Born to French wildlife photographer parents, she grew up in the African desert and developed a rare bond with untamed animals. From an African elephant named Abu to leopards, lion cubs, giraffes, an ostrich, crocodiles, cheetahs and even a snake – Tippi’s childhood mimics that of the classic Tarzan story. Her close relationship with animals and tribes people of Namibia were captured by her parents and turned into captivating books and a film.


Everyone in our office seems obsessed with ipads, netbooks, kindles (I received a Kindle Fire in the Christmas raffle, so I am including myself in this categorisation) and any other form of flat technology. However, what has struck me is the missed opportunity for personalisation. All of these delicate devises require cases, and given our consumerist era, surely standard black is not the only option? Come on everyone, you may be being a sheep in your need for these streamlined internet connectors, but can you to at least choose to express you individuality through their covering? For some cool cases click the link below.


I’m not the worst flyer in the world but the idea of hurtling through the air, thousands of feet above ground in a metal container often gives me that feeling of dread that I am about to go down. So the idea of a Jetstream aircraft becoming the first to fly “unmanned” across the US last month, gives me the fear. A pilot did the take-off and landing from Preston in Lancashire to Inverness after a 500 journey which a pilot controlled from the ground. Luckily, it was just an early test and there were no passengers onboard just in case something did go wrong. Great idea I suppose but I still think a plane should be manned for a number of reasons. Such as safety and keeping it from diving towards the ground.


The last thing you expect to see when refuelling your car is a live broadcast of you doing exactly that with a presenter muzzling in on the action. This exact incident happened in the US, where a bubbly chap was about to fill up his car when he was greeted by the presenter. He was offered the chance to have his car filled for free if he sang karaoke. Nothing better than belting out a track mid flow and he was certainly game belting out Bon Jovi’s ‘Living on a Prayer’ in front of the entire petrol station, whilst his wife found herself in hysterics in the car. His wife also showed she was a good sport joining in with a rendition of the Eurythmics ‘Sweet Dreams’.
No surprises that this has become another viral sensation – what would your petrol station track be?


Disney has been hit with a fire flame of criticism from the creator of Oscar winning film Brave form giving the heroine a “sexy” makeover after being listed in the Disney Princes Collection. Personally I think she looks smoooking, not a problem with it, sex her up, take her out to town.
No I mean if she is based on the creator’s thirteen year old daughter and was created as an inspiration to young girls as maybe a break between the constant badger flashing exposure of today’s loose celebs – the protesters probably have a point. 
They’ve taken away her bow and arrow which in my personal opinion would actually probably have made her sexier.
A petition named, Say No To Merida Makeover, Keep Our Hero Brave, was launched online and has already gained over a hundred thousand signatures. Will you be adding to the list?