A Boost To Power You Through To Friday


A Boost To Power You Through To Friday


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Although I like a quick browse on the web for clothes I never find myself ever really buying anything due to the fact of I worry I either won’t like it or it won’t fit. Good news for me then as Tesco is now offering a virtual fitting room on their Facebook page for people to try before they buy. However it doesn’t seem as if you are really getting a true reflection of what the clothes look like. Guardian writer Laura Barnett created her avatar to try on a F + F dress and even with her picture uploaded, her weight, height and measurements recorded ,the avatar looked something like Danniella Westbrook, which you can see from her real photo is nothing like her. I think I may have had the right idea in the first place, REAL fitting rooms all the way!



Like many people, I was utterly enchanted by the Harry Potter chronicles and often thought how great it would be if Quidditch was an actual sport.
Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to fly on broomsticks quite yet however some clever folk in the US have come up with their own version of the mythical sport, dubbed, Muggle Quidditch.  
Because Wizarding Quidditch is based on fictional devices and concepts, this version of the game has been adapted for play on the ground.  It is played on a football sized field with three circular goals placed on either side of the pitch and all players are required to carry a broom between their legs at all times.  Slightly deflated volleyballs often act as the ‘quaffle’ and dodgeballs serve as the bludgers.  As the ‘snitch’ is a mythical flying object in Rowling’s novels, it has been adapted into an actual person who runs around the field adorned with gold wings.
The sport has now reached the shores of the home of Harry Potter with Oxford University conducting the first game last month, and now other universities have followed suit, establishing clubs.
Although it doesn’t quite hold the excitement and thrill that an actual game of Quidditch would involve, and the pictures don’t look terribly exciting, I think it’s still a fun and novel idea.


Edinburgh Zoo is home to the only two Koalas to be found here in the UK and its cheesy Australian resident called Yabbra has caused a bit of a stir on YouTube after he was captured exploring his keeper’s halls. The short clip which shows the inquisitive chap running down the corridors has had over 25,000 views since it was posted on the Zoo’s social media and YouTube channels. Yabbra and his mate Goonaroo are at the Zoo as part of a breeding programme and the two chaps are technically ‘retired’ as they are too old to breed – not a bad gaffe for a retirement home!



For all those Facebook-ers, do you remember when you were constantly updated with friends telling you about how well they were doing on Farmville? Or how many cows they had just purchased on this game? It got to the stage where you would disable the comments from that friend and grow hatred towards Farmville. However, this has all changed for the better. A new game entitled ‘WeTopia’ has been set up for Facebook users and what is brilliant about this game is that people play to help those less fortunate in the world. Players can pay money on the game to buy cows for their fields and at the same time that money goes towards buying real cows for those who need it.
There is a short video which explains how it all works in this short article, and I think that this soon could be the way forward for helping charities, my only worry about it is that we get bombarded with lots of these types of games and we turn to something else.



A website has been created for teachers, where they can post the worst (and sometimes funniest) answers they have ever seen.  Funny Exam shows pictures of some of these answers, which range from the hilarious to the downright disturbing.
My personal favourite is the answer to the question “Why are there rings on Saturn?” to which a pupil has answered “Because God liked it, so he put a ring on it.”