A Blitz of Internet Sweeps

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A Blitz of Internet Sweeps

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Take a look at these wedding cake toppers. Most people normally will pick the one that looks most like them or something which will symbolise the happiness they have for their special day. How about considering some of these less traditional toppers? From the bride dragging the groom by the neck to the groom sitting at a TV I’m not sure how popular these will be. My favourite has to be the old ball and chain-surely a symbol of what has to come in the next few years of marriage?


Apple has decided to jump into the map world, announcing that its phones will no longer carry Google maps in the fall, and will instead have its own map services.  This is a move that could either set iPhones far apart from Google’s phone, Android, and secure their spot at the top of the Smartphone industry, or-if their maps are a bust-send everyone running to Android phones. I’ll strap on my trainers just in case.  


Edinburgh will be on big screen in a film adaptation of hit musical Sunshine on Leith. The musical which is based on The Proclaimers songs is expected to debut at the Edinburgh film festival next summer with Scots Billy Connolly and David Tennant tipped for big parts!A huge song and dance routine will be filmed on Calton Hill in Edinburgh this autumn-that’s one to spy on!


It’s Monday morning – a time when, based purely on this one fact, it is acceptable to be grumpy/unproductive and uncommunicative. So, in the spirit of ‘staring at your screen, pretending to work and ignoring office comments about weekend activities’ here are a collection of the 10 funniest tweets, brought to you by mashable.com. Now, in the true spirit of Monday mornings, you are not required to laugh, and can I just pre-empt your perusal by saying I found the content really quite un-amusing….


 The game of tennis is usually associated with sophistication and is known by some as the gentleman’s sport. In the past there have been a few unforgettable moments from players like John McEnroe having tantrums when he didn’t get his way. Yesterday we were introduced to the new bad boy of tennis. In the final of the AEGON Championship at the Queen’s Club, David Nalbandian stole the spotlight. After a bad game he kicked the board in frustration not realising the elder line judge was sitting just behind it! This led to the judge having a nasty gash in his leg. The normal reaction for most tennis players is to shout or sometimes hit their rackets of the ground but this is a new low. Deemed to be violent conduct Naldandian was disqualified and the championship was handed over to his opponent. This video has already received over 500,000 views in less than 24 hours and will no doubt be a favourite with the BBC archives.