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Fancy a trip to LA and the chance to meet your true love along the way? What was your favourite logo? Let us know via Facebook or Twitter.


Artist Viktor Hertz had an idea for a series of what he calls ‘Honest Logos’. The Swedish graphic designer has created an array of logos revealing what he perceives to be the actual content of the company. Essentially this is how some famous logos would look if companies were completely sincere in what they are selling. Some are cheap, others hilarious while the rest are simply ingenious.

BLIND GATE (Victoria)

Air New Zealand has launched a Valentines Day competition in conjunction with The Guardian which could see two people find love and enjoy a complimentary holiday to LA.
To promote its Heathrow to LAX route, the airline will shortlist ten men and women to take part in a live event on February 14th, with the two deemed to be the perfect match being whisked off to LA flying ‘cuddle class’.
A camera crew will follow all of their exploits which will be broadcast on social media and feature within The Guardian’s Weekend supplement – so if you are camera shy then you probably shouldn’t apply!


We all have pretty shameful pasts when it comes to fashion but who knew these totally cool celebrities also weren’t so cool back in the day. I think my favourite has to be Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears when they were going through that double denim phase. Oh they seriously looked like hilly billys back then. Its lucky Justin has got over it, not quite sure if Brit has though!


There have been a few quite horrific stories of gang rape taking place in India printed in the papers and appearing online over the past few months. Perhaps as a result of this a new weapon against such violent crime has been revealed by Indian officials. Kapil Sibal, minister of information technology, announced last week that the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing plans to make a watch that can alert authorities and family members if a woman is in danger. Equipped with a button that sends a text message to the nearest police station and chosen relatives the watch will also feature a built in camera that will film and record for 30 minutes if a button is pressed. Smart thinking.


Outer space hopping takes some fuel power but what the space explorers of our time have chomped down on their adventures has never actually dawned on me. Until today. A visual history of NASA space food has been revealed and it looks pretty grim, apart from the sneaky bag of Smarties which slipped in there in later years. Poor buggers who got food in a tube.