A Boost To Power You Through To Friday

by Holyrood PR

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

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 A controversial Reebok ad with the slogan, ‘Cheat On Your Girlfriend Not Your Workout’ has been pulled following a number of complaints.
The poster, which ran in a German gym affiliated with the brand was intended to motivate people, but instead offended.
Reebok have acknowledged that the ad was offensive and although it was not part of the brand’s global marketing campaign, reaction has been global thanks to social media. 
This follows the ruling that the claims of their EasyTone trainers were misleading, which resulted in a $25 million fine and coupled with their recent financial woes, it doesn’t put Reebok in a strong position.


X-FILES (Emma)

 A giant “UFO fragment” has fallen from the sky and landed in a remote Siberian village.  The object was found  by locals and was then sneakily removed in the middle of the night by Russian inspectors.  Though not information has been revealed yet, it has been announced that the object definitely isn’t from a rocket or a missile.  This all sounds like something out of Donnie Darko!  I’m a bit skeptical about where this actually came from, but I am interested to find out more.



You would think adults would know better than to arrange a pagger session on Facebook but it appears not. Two Scottish mothers met for a scrap at 9am after dropping their kids off at school (poor kids don’t have a chance) in Dunblane. Joanne McVey, 25 and Lorraine Cooper, 30 had a heated exchange on Facebook when Cooper objected that McVey hadn’t invited a mutual pal to a party she was having-Eh!? I’d give that party a miss! 
One message from McVey read: “You better bring your tomahawk, AK47 and a knife.” Cooper brought a dog chain!
McVey, of Dunblane, admitted breach of the peace but had her not guilty plea to assault accepted. She was fined £190.



 These pictures will probably make you smile if you have a furry friend of your own. I don’t own one personally but find it funny to see these canine creatures sleeping in some very funny positions. My boyfriends dog Bella is hilarious to watch when she is sleeping, the best part is she actually sleeps in positions that human beings do and I think that’s what makes it a bit weird. Check out the pooch on the stripey couch with his legs between his…legs?!



I know this advert has been on our screens for a couple of weeks now, but every time I see I can’t help but think what a great piece of advertising, as well as media gold it is. It’s the Guardian advert which uses the plot of the fairy tale The Three Little Pigs to explore the issue of open journalism – how the story might be covered and commented on in print and online. The two minute long ad shows how the media has evolved from being purely a traditional print system, into a more open and engaging process through the use of social media, video and mobile technology. It’s a fantastic advert and one that should be watched all the way through – kudos to the design team behind it for pulling it all together and kudos to The Guardian for facilitating open journalism through its multi channelled approach to media.




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