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An invaluable experience at award-winning PR Agency


And that’s a wrap!

My 4 weeks at Holyrood PR have gone by a lot faster than I ever expected, a very bitter sweet goodbye.

With little to no clue of what I wanted to pursue after graduating with a Psychology degree, I felt PR might be the perfect combination of research, writing, and digital communication that would align my interests and skillsets in a neat and exciting way.

My internship at Holyrood PR has proved, I wasn’t wrong.

From the very start, I was tasked with writing press releases, looking into social media benchmarking and drafting content for clients social media; soaking in all the styles and techniques to create a story and put it in front of the desired audience.

Feeling refreshed and renewed, I feel as though I really have picked up new skills, something that I never thought a 4-week placement could do.

The support from the team has been remarkable. From behind a screen, every single member of the Holyrood PR team has made an effort to make me feel valued and supported – a reflection of the work culture no doubt.

Taking the time to brief me on new projects, giving me program tutorials and sending through detailed feedback, there’s a very dedicated and understanding team eager to make this placement a valuable experience.

Shaping their team to the best they can be, there’s very consistent communication among all areas of Holyrood PR, an aspect that not only relieves the stresses of working from home, but makes it clear that the agency values collaboration, regardless of the role you may have. For example: Every morning we had a team catch up to find out what everyone’s priorities were for that day and where others in the team could help out.

As I mentioned earlier, I was in a bit of a job hunt slump. I felt as though I wasn’t moving forward with anything, wasn’t learning or growing just locked in a bit of a standstill.

This placement has really helped me click into gear. I feel I have picked up momentum working and learning from Holyrood PR, able to step into the PR world with a new sense of confidence and enthusiasm.

*A big thank you to everyone who has trained me the last four weeks – for giving me a sense of responsibility and trusting me from day one.

I cannot express how much I have appreciated every little message and check-in, making sure I’m comfortable even when working from home.

Good luck to the next interns and congratulations for landing the role!

And if you’re an intern considering this placement – do it!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone at Holyrood PR


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