A fond farewell: My fast-paced four weeks at Holyrood PR

A fond farewell: My fast-paced four weeks at Holyrood PR


A fond farewell: My fast-paced four weeks at Holyrood PR


Latest PR intern reflects on a few of her highlights with award-winning Edinburgh agency

A fond farewell: My fast-paced four weeks at Holyrood PR | Edinburgh PR

By Rowann Innes

It has been an entire month since I first walked through the door of Holyrood PR – my time has gone just as quickly as the 2 crates of Red Bull which arrived in the office recently. 

My assumption was that as the festive lights went up the workload at Holyrood would wind down for the ever-busy team. This, it would be reasonable to say, is the opposite of reality – with the phones buzzing and To Do Lists full, there has been no shortage of tasks to sink my teeth into.

Many projects have been completely new to me and I can’t thank the team at Holyrood PR enough for always being willing to help – this has made my four week internship an enjoyable learning experience. From press release advice to Photoshop queries (and everything in between), their patience has been unwavering.

Not to mention their friendly approach and banter has made for lots of entertaining moments in amongst the hard work.

At this point in the process it seems fitting to reflect on my time, pinpoint a highlight even. However, I have found this much more challenging than I first thought since this internship has given me so many great opportunities which I will continue to use throughout my career.

From being involved with videography, to creating press content from client interactions – it is difficult to rank the value of one above another.

My time with Holyrood PR has unquestionably developed my confidence and taught me I have the ability to bring valuable ideas to the table. I have realised that contribution and collaboration across all levels of the company is what maintains a high performing and high energy team that goes onto achieve consistent success. It now seems much more feasible that in 6 months’ time I could walk into my first ‘proper’ graduate job and not feel utterly thrown in at the deep end.

I leave with a portfolio of professional work and a number of brilliant contacts to call upon in the future. The overwhelming feelings being of pride and gratitude toward an agency which has allowed me to learn so much in such a short space of time.

If you are questioning whether an internship at Holyrood would be the right step for you – do it, apply! The experience is unique in its opportunities, challenges and sense of achievement. It’s a great steppingstone into the crazy world of communications.


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