A day in the life of a WFH intern

Holyrood PR BlogIntern Programme

A day in the life of a WFH intern

Holyrood PR BlogIntern Programme

A 9 step commute to my first Holyrood PR placement

By Lauren Del Fabbro

WORKING from home (WFH) was not the way I had envisioned my time at Holyrood PR, yet, as with everything, there are some noticeable perks.   

9:00 am

Perk 1; after an extra 30-minute lie in, I have my coffee ready to go and propped on the smallest table in my flat. Moving from my room to the living room, the commute takes a good 9 steps, taking approximately 5 seconds bed to chair.

I begin to go through my Holyrood PR inbox, opening emails from newsletters and outlining the tasks for the day. Sending emails, finishing drafts or starting some research for a success post, the hour slips away.

10:00 am

A daily team call ensues, a time where it becomes very clear how dedicated the Holyrood PR team is with their never-ending tasks and to do lists.

As the intern, my to do list always makes me laugh a little as it really cannot compare.

Nevertheless, the team is very patient and flexible, always prepared with some tasks for me to do, picking out neat opportunities for me to try something new.

11:00 am

Going through my Asana, I will either be drafting a press release, writing a success post, or designing a graphic for the Holyrood PR Blog. Receiving regular check ins and briefs from the team, I feel constantly supported with questions or concerns answered within the minute. Ultimately, the team makes a very consistent effort to make working from home comfortable and simple, which day in and day out is achieved.

12:00 am

Perk 2: lunch. From the comfort of my own home I have the luxury of picking just about anything for my lunch saying goodbye to the meal deals and cooking up a storm.  From pasta to wraps there’s nothing better than a warm lunch, so I definitely take advantage and go all out during my lunch breaks.

13:00 pm – 17:00 pm

The afternoon always goes by a lot faster than I expect. As the sun starts to set, I am occupied jumping from task to task, brainstorming social media content or interviewing company employees to curate a story for a press release. Managing different drafts and designing graphics for success posts, there is always something different to do, making the afternoon slip away.

17:00 pm

Perk 3: Log off time. The team makes a real point of encouraging everyone to sign out at 17:00, finishing up swiftly and setting off. Me, already at home, I feel I’ve gained an extra hour. Cutting the commute, I have more to my evening to enjoy.

Feeling productive and engaged, I feel the days go by very quickly with exciting new tasks waiting for me everyday. Halfway through my internship and I already can see the difference the placement has made to my drive, my writing and my understanding of PR. With a little less than 2 weeks to go, I’m excited to see my skills develop and feel more confident in my writing.

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