5 Wooly Web Wonders For Ewe

by Holyrood PR

Monday, October 15th, 2012

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If you caught Baumgartner’s incredible skydive from space yesterday, then you may be interested in another awe inspiring cosmic event – the three day transit of the Space Shuttle Endeavour through the streets of Los Angeles.
The retired shuttle undertook its final mission on Friday, a slow and smooth 12 mile journey arriving at its final resting place yesterday – the Californian Science Centre.
With the city’s streets filled to the brim with spectators, it proved to be a wondrous sight – it isn’t every day that a space shuttle casually rolls through an urban centre.
Check out the pictures of this amazing spectacle below.


Only the Japanese, when considering the classic concept of a child’s bedtime toy, would think to themselves – ‘this could be made more efficient’. Takara Tomy, a Japanese toymaker, have developed ‘Hug and Dream Minnie Mouse’, a plush toy which soothes children to sleep with simulated breathing. The toymaker linked up with cognitive and respiratory specialist Ikuo Honma to develop the doll, specifically to be the ideal night-time companion. When children go to bed holding the doll they feel its slow-paced breathing, replicating that of someone sleeping peacefully, and this soothes them off into their own slumber. My only question is, what happens when children used to this doll, grow up, and find they can no longer sleep without their Minnie Mouse? Could make grown up sleepovers slightly awkward…


Thousands of women across the world are looking for that instant answer to a wrinkle free face. Well it may be that we have had the answer the whole time. The ‘Croydon Facelift’ is a firm favourite amongst celebs at the moment whereby they scrape their hair back as tight as possible to reveal a wrinkle free face. As well as looking quite painful, the facelift actually tends to damage the structure of the hairline. I’ll know what to do the next time I want to look young…


After a visitor on our website noticed our penchant for zombie stories and sent us a guide on how to beat the flesh eating fiends in an apocalypse, it seemed rude not to include it! It was bang on for timing as the latest season premier of Walking Dead aired last night! Maybe if some of the characters had had some of these tips and tools at their disposal they wouldn’t have ended up as mince meat-but then that wouldn’t have made a good show! From looking at the guide for the ultimate survival team-us lot would be goners! Time to get an additional skull crushing skill! Read up to see how you’d fare: 


A BBC film crew travelled to the Nevada desert to film a new documentary about UFO conspiracy theories. The crew visited the infamous top secret military facility known as Area 51 earlier this year and it has recently come to light that they were approached by a guard carrying an M-16. The crew allegedly detained at gun point for hours, while local law enforcement determined what action to take against the trespassers. One crew member claimed that a camouflaged, gun bearing guard threatened, “We could make you disappear and your body will never be found”.

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