5 Web Gems For You This Thursday

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Would you be up for taking part in the ‘Ginger Map’? Do you share Gaynor’s dream at owning a Louis? Let us know via our Facebook or Twitter!

GINGER MAP (Victoria)

Scientists have long been baffled by the fact that Scotland has the highest proportion of redheads in the world – 13% of the population as opposed to a worldwide average of 1-2%.
Past research has suggested that this could all be down to Scotland’s gloomy climate and our lack of Vitamin D.
Researchers at ScotlandsDNA project will now investigate how many people carry the ginger gene in the UK and the data will be used to create a map which could provide further insight into our nation’s high prevalence of redheads.
People will be able to pay £25 to find out if they carry the red haired gene which I find slightly disconcerting – could this lead to us choosing our partners to avoid having ginger kids?


Today’s clip (clop) shows how technology knows no bounds. I bring you the iPad for horses, featuring opportunities to chat with your horse friends, buy sugarlumps on the app store and share your life on ‘Longfacebook.’
Just a little bit of fun for a Thursday Morning!


It certainly seems that our generation has been severely affected by the current economic crisis. I recently read an article which stated that over 1000 young people are leaving Ireland each week in search of work abroad.
Travelling overseas has become so accessible that many twenty-somethings are daring to voyage across Europe and indeed further afield. My ambition has always been to travel and live in as many countries as possible while I’m still in my youth.
So far Edinburgh’s the furthest I’ve made it – a mere 40 minute flight from home. The main issue has been saving enough pennies to cover the cost of flights, jabs, travel gear and whatever other hidden costs are sure to arise along the way.
So when I came across this article claiming that you can live abroad for free, I had to take a look.
A website called Workaway unites aspiring travellers with hosts abroad. The selling point is that travellers are put up for free in exchange for work.  Seems like a fantastic option for those of us don’t have bundles of cash lying around to up and leave as we please.


It’s well past Halloween but this needed a share because this prank could be done on kids all year round.
Jimmy Kimmel dared parents to the YouTube challenge-I Told My Kid I Ate All Their Halloween Candy Again.
The results are quite simply amazing thanks to children’s natural unbarred release of whatever emotion hits them. We get rage, grief, violence, tantrums, shock right through to the forgiving and generous.
I’m going to go on how I’d feel now at the age of 25 and say I’d be raging.


For years I have longed to own a Louis Vuitton suitcase in which I could take along as my travel companion to the sunshine. Unfortunately for me this is just a pipe dream. However this doesn’t stop me enjoying its new campaign due to launch in mid November. The campaign ‘invitation to travel’ was inspired by the Louvre and was designed to inspire consumers to embrace the world and give their souls a little treat in the time of pure materialism. I’m sure we would all like a treat our souls but some of us can’t really afford it.