5 Sweet Treats This Thursday

Holyrood PR Blog

5 Sweet Treats This Thursday

Holyrood PR Blog

What do you think of McDonald’s installing iPads? Do you have any original Halloween costume ideas? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

MCiPAD (Victoria)

In an attempt to modernise and update its image, fast food giant McDonalds has unveiled a pilot project in one of its US franchises to install iPads, which if successful, may be rolled out on a wider scale.
Personally, I think I would be keeping my mitts off the iPads, which no doubt would be thick with burger and chip grease from diners’ hands, gross!
Also, I thought the whole idea of fast food was that it was fast, but it seems it is another step by McDonalds to create a dining experience, which instead of wolfing your burger down and making a quick exit, you may stay for a McFlurry and a coffee.


I have always loved ballet. After going to ballet school for ten years in my pre teens, I have always had a voice in the back of my mind saying go back. I suppose it was the transition from primary to high school that ended my love back then and the fear was it would be deemed so uncool. It’s something I very much regret and when I read this story it definitely made me rethink my decision. Forty-eight year old mum of two Diane from Edinburgh has taken the Royal Academy of Dance’s most gruelling exam and has passed with distinction. I might be enrolling next year….


It’s October, and very soon it will be one of my favourite days of the year, Halloween! An excuse to get creative, look ridiculous and maybe have a few tipples while you’re at it (sadly I’m too old for trick or treating nowadays…) I pride myself on my costumes, last year I managed to turn an old laundry basket into an R2D2 costume, with added mixing bowl hat – it didn’t really follow the rule of Halloween that allows girls to wear as little as clothing as possible but I was pretty proud of my efforts none the less! Which is making this years effort all the more of a challenge, how do I top R2D2? I’ve decided to turn to these celebrities costumes for a bit of inspiration, take a gander yourself if you’re still stuck…


Are you just as bored as I am with the voices available to you on sat navs? Wouldn’t it be great to have a celebrity voice like Morgan Freeman or someone funny like Michael McIntyre? A great short video of Darth Vader recording his lines for a Sat Nav has been online for the last couple of years and somehow only now have I come across it. I think Tom Tom has done a great job making these short but quirky videos and it would be great to see if these voices ever did appear on their devices. 


Here in the Holyrood office, as you have probably noticed, we are never slow to direct your attention to cute/fluffy/odd (or all of the above) animals – and today is to be no different. For those of you who are animal lovers, or indeed costume fans, mashable.com’s ’25 Crazy Pet Costumes That Out Yours to Shame’ is for you. Victoria and I were a mess of unintelligible awwwing for about an hour. You may want to warn your colleagues that you will make no sense for about 10 minutes after checking out these beauties.