23 Days Later – A guide to an internship at Holyrood PR

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My top tips for PR Interns at Holyrood PR

By Lucinda Kingham
Lucinda Kingham Intern

IN MY first week blog I wrote about my transition from lazy student to a PR intern. Now that my internship is coming to an end I have had time to reflect on all I have learnt during these past few weeks.

Instead of writing the usual blog about how much I enjoyed my time and that you should definitely apply to the intern programme (both of which are completely true!), I thought I would write a list of advice and facts for future interns.

The following list is made up of one piece of information for each of the 23 days of my internship – just call me Gossip Girl.

  1. Bring a notepad and pen.

  2. If you don’t drink coffee or tea, you probably will end up doing so by the end of your time here.

  3. Cake is a very serious matter at Holyrood PR. We want it all and we want it now.

  4. Be prepared to work hard, really hard.

  5. Practice writing, because you’ll be doing lots of it.

  6. If you’re not an early morning person like me, you’re eventually going to become one whether you like it or not, so embrace the 7am wake up time.

  7. Offer to help whenever you can, the team actually need your help. You’re never bothering them and you do make their life a tiny bit easier.

  8. Always speak up if you have an idea. Being shy will get you nowhere in the PR industry.

  9. Always look presentable, you never know when a client might pop in the door

  10. Fridays are casual dress days. It’s not quite onesie or pyjama attire but t-shirts and jeans are acceptable.

  11. Be prepared to learn a lot of information at once. Holyrood has a wide range of clients all from different industries. One day you will be writing a release for a care home and the next you might be pitching to journalists about events companies.

  12. Looking at newspapers will become a regular habit and if you manage to get a story into one, you will feel very proud.

  13. If you’re ever confused or stuck on something just ask, it means you will get it right next time.

  14. The morning team meetings are 40% discussing what we need to do and 60% conversation tangents, but everything will always get done no matter what.

  15. Read the Intern Bible, it may look confusing and daunting but it does have some handy tips.

  16. You will experience Photoshop, Microsoft Excel and WordPress and will have mastered all three by the end of the month.

  17. Be confident on the phone and make sure the information you are discussing is correct.

  18. You will have a list of tasks to do after the morning meeting, often that task list will grow throughout the day, keep the head and don’t panic.

  19. There are lots of computer drives which include lots of folders full of lots of information. Always write down where things belong, it can get very confusing if you don’t know where you’re looking.

  20. If you’re looking for an internship where you sit and do nothing all day, close this internet window now.

  21. Even if you have no experience in PR, you can still apply for a PR internship. As an undergrad studying ancient history I had no clue about the world of PR but Holyrood PR gave me the opportunity to learn about the industry.

  22. It’s not all hard work and no fun in the office. If you are given any chance to hit the pub with the team do so. It’s nice to talk to your colleagues outside of a work environment.

  23. Lucinda Kingham Intern-6

    If you haven’t gathered by now, an internship at Holyrood PR isn’t for the faint hearted. The whole experience was a steep learning curve and the 9-5 life was a shock to the system. However, the experience was fantastic. I have learnt so much during these few weeks and if you want to immerse yourself in the PR world, Holyrood PR is the place for you.

So there we have it, 23 pieces of information to prepare you for your internship at Holyrood PR.

If you’re thinking about booking your inter-railing trip around Europe or a staying on a stunning sandy beach for the summer stop a moment and think whether completing an internship at an award winning PR agency might just benefit you more in the long run. Anyway, you can always sun yourself in St Tropez afterwards.


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