365 Days, 2,417 tweets and 1 Trump

by Melissa Craib

Friday, January 19th, 2018

Twitter and Trump now go hand in hand. So, what has one year of his presidency on the social platform looked like?

Trump Twitter Collage made by Edinburgh PR agency, Holyrood PR

ONE year on since the 45th President of the United States was inaugurated we take a look back at his favourite social media platform and pick out 12 tweets of Trump.

We can hold claim to being pretty on the ball when it comes to social media. But not even our team of PR professionals use it quite as prolifically as Trump.

His Twitter account has become a portal into his head: we’re regularly updated about what angers him, what annoys him and what he considers to be ‘fake news’.

In fact, Trump’s use of the channel increasingly sets the agenda – even with those outlets he frequently slams – so much so he’s often accused of using it to divert attention on potential issues.


Out of his 2,417 tweets in 2017, 159 of them mentioned the phrase ‘fake news’. Over the past year, he was the most tweeted about world leader and, since his inauguration, he’s been easily the most frequently mentioned US elected official.

However, quantity certainly doesn’t prevail over quality – a point proven by the fact that none of his tweets made the most liked or most retweeted messages. But, in spite of this, his tweets do make a popular conversation topic and often dominate the news cycle.

When a mischievous Twitter employee decided to make their farewell to the company a memorable event they deleted his account for 11 minutes and made worldwide news.

In honour of the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration, we decided to pull together 12 of the most memorable tweets of Trump’s presidency.


Wasting no time, Trump was quick to try put in place a travel ban, blocking people coming from certain countries into the US. Unsurprisingly, the obviously racist ban was short-lived and blocked by a judge.

Rather disgruntled by this turn of events, President Trump took to Twitter to tell the judge that he’d ‘SEE HIM IN COURT’.


Trump has always been vocal about his distrust of Obama, from demanding to see his birth certificate to prove that he was a U.S citizen, to wanting to revoke many of the policies he put in place during his eight-year presidency.

And in March last year, Trump even went as far as to accuse the 44th President of tapping his phones.

We have yet to see any evidence or proof of this outlandish claim by the ever suspicious Trump.


The infamous border wall was a staple of the Trump campaign. Ol’ Donald has always been adamant that Mexico would pay for the multi-billion dollar wall despite Mexico refusing to do any such thing. But keen to get a start on the wall and show movement, Trump tweeted on the April 23rd that Mexico might not pay for the wall now, but that they will… eventually.

We’ve yet to see the building of a wall between Mexico and America.

Trump Survival Guide Crisis PRThankfully, we prepared for President Donald Trump’s antics shortly after he was elected and have shared a survival guide. Check it out here.


One of the more famous tweets of Trump came in May when he tweeted this beauty:

Trump's covfefe tweet

No one can be sure what is meant by ‘covfefe’ and the tweet was soon deleted, but not before it made international news.


Not one to give up, Trump kept on trying to implement his travel ban, showing just how important it was to him he tweeted about it in June.

This tweet was so outrageous that it was cited by federal judges in a decision blocking his travel ban.


In July, Trump made the decision to post a series of tweets with his reasoning on blocking transgender people from joining the military.

Trump tweet about transgender in the military

“Money” was the reason he gave for blocking a whole community of people who were willing to fight for their country. We’re not exactly sure that’s how you make America great.


I don’t think Trump could have expected the irony of tweeting thanks to his now enemy, Steven Bannon, for his service.

After months of speculation and seeing less and less of Bannon at the White House, Trump, as always, took to Twitter and thanked Steve for his service after it came to light that he was returning to Breitbart.

But due to being quoted in the highly talked about ‘Fire and Fury: Inside the White House’ Trump has branded him ‘Sloopy Steve’. There is clearly no love lost between the pair.


Not one to show any sympathy, the president decided it was appropriate, during one of the most devastating hurricanes to hit Puerto Rico, to abuse San Juan’s Mayor. Included in the series of tweets, he accused Puerto Ricans of wanting everything done for them, despite being residents of U.S. territory.

Trump retweeting Britain First

The Twitter character limit was never one to stop Trump, and this series of tweets got his message of praising his own work across while putting others’ down.


Every now and then the President manages to reign it in and show some decorum. Following the Las Vegas shooting he tweeted a very appropriate message giving condolences to the victims and those affected by the shooting.


The new-found decorum was short-lived.

No one can be sure how Trump came across the Twitter account of Jayda Fransen, Deputy Leader of Britain First. But an ill-advised retweet of some of selection of her tweets caused outrage and even had Theresa May weigh in on the President’s social media activity.

Trump retweeting


I think we can all agree that we would love to see peace in the Middle East, but Trump threw a spanner in the works between the already warring nations when he decided to name Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

Needless to say, this sparked outrage within the country and resulted in mass protests. Unfortunately for Trump, he was outnumbered at the UN who voted 14-1 to reject his proposal.


And finally in our list of the 12 tweets of Trump we have another infamous one. With tensions already high between Trump and Kim Jong Un, the pair had another spat and on January 3, when nuclear buttons became the topic of tweets.

My nuclear button is bigger than yours might not be the best way to retaliate to the dictator of North Korea, but that was Trump’s preferred method and it sparked another flurry of news stories.

Though the best response came from the KFC UK and Ireland Twitter account which made a parody of the tweet and directed it at McDonalds.

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