10 QUESTIONS WITH…our graduate placement intern

by Emma Lourie

Friday, November 27th, 2020

Graduate placement is an eye opener for aspiring PR professional who spent a month with a Scottish PR agency

10 QUESTIONS WITH…Intern Lauren Del Fabbro | Scottish PR

Get to know a creative, energetic individual beginning her PR career, as she speaks to our Scottish PR Agency.

We took a moment to catch up with Lauren who has joined the team throughout the month of November, to find out a bit more about what drives and interests her – why she is interested in the PR industry, as well as her top social media accounts to watch!

Q – Tell us something about you?

A – I’m half Italian and half Scottish. I’ve recently graduated from the University of Edinburgh in Psychology.

Q – Why did you decide to make the move to PR?

A – I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I graduated and felt there were a combination of elements within PR that I found really interesting. From research to journalism to social media and graphic design – there’s always something new and exciting to do to support some really interesting clients and get their story in front of the right people.

Q – What is your favourite social media channel and why? – and who’s content are you enjoying recently?

A – To be honest I love a good meme page which I know is very millennial/gen Z of me but it’s just full of the most absurd nonsense and it always makes me laugh. Jtfirstman is an account I am really enjoying at the moment– he does ridiculous impressions of situations that you wouldn’t really think of and it just gets me.

On a less silly note, I really enjoy mikaelaloach – she’s an Edinburgh medical student and climate justice/antiracism activist. She is doing the most incredible things, creating a platform both digitally and on the ground, creating and inspiring real, meaningful change. I just think she’s great.

Q – What is your go-to news outlet?

A – Typically reach for the guardian – especially on social media.  They have a really great platform with very succinct posts and bite-sized videos. I am also a frequent user of the BBC app due to the alerts of breaking news which I find really handy and you can’t really beat BBC News at 10.

Q – What is your source of inspiration? 

A – Yikes, I’m not sure – I’m horribly indecisive so this could take a while. I suppose there’s not one inspiration but there’s people I look up to and admire who ultimately make me want to be the best version of myself – one of them being mikaelaloach.

Q – Is the PR industry what you expected?

A – To be honest I didn’t really have any real expectations except that it is a very fast-paced industry and that expectation was certainly met. It’s very varied with lots of different projects going on at the same time which I think is very exciting.

Q – What’s the best campaign you’ve worked on? 

A – Surprisingly I really enjoyed working on Property PR and is something I didn’t think would be my cup of tea, however I found it really exciting learning about new developments and showcasing beautiful properties. It made me daydream a little bit!

Q – What type of PR do you most enjoy working on?

A – Digital for sure – I think there’s a lot more you can do with more opportunities to be a little more creative to target new audiences.

Q – What do you plan to do after your internship?

A – Landing a job as a new graduate is always a little tricky but especially right now, so I’ll be back onto my job hunt. This internship has really been a reset button for me, picking up momentum again and getting a new sense of confidence and motivation. I feel I’ve gained new skills and experiences that can really help me move forward in my career, something I was really hoping I would gain from this placement.

Q – What is your definition of success?

A – As cheeeeesy as it sounds, I think success is down to personal fulfilment and happiness – my biggest aim is to be happy and proud with the life that you’re living.

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