1-2-3-4-5 Web Hits To Ravage Your Mind

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1-2-3-4-5 Web Hits To Ravage Your Mind

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Movie director James Cameron has made at least two nautical-themed blockbusters (Titanic and The Abyss), while his hit Avatar pushed the bounds of filmmaking technology to new limits. Now he has taken his life in his hands in pursuit of his other passion – and become only the third man to touch the deepest floor of the world’s ocean. An amazing achievement.


Britain’s Got Talent was back on our screens this weekend and everyone is talking about Jonathan Antoine, a 15-stone boy who came on and stole the show and is thought to be as big (not literally) as our own Subo. When Jonathan came onto the stage, Simon and all the judges and a nation had already written him off and prejudged him. This is the same prejudgement that has forced Jonathan to have a mental breakdown just a few weeks before the show. However, with his singing partner Charlotte, he was able to get onto the stage and produce a fantastic performance singing Andrea Bocelli and Celion Dion’s ‘The Prayer’.
In just 2 days this video has over 400,000 views plus it was one of the highest trends on twitter over the weekend. Jonathan’s performance was all over the net and in the papers come Sunday and with or without his singing partner Charlotte, Jonathan has been tipped to be the next big opera star and to follow in previous opera singer and Britain’s Got Talent winner Paul Potts.

ONE DAY TO GO!! (Gaynor)

As I am still on the countdown to the new series of Mad Men and I am excited to see the PR and marketing activities in the lead up to it. It seems everyone wants a piece of the action with magazine Newsweek redesigning itself to fit in with the 1960’s era. The magazine changed its layout and features retro adverts from the likes of British Airways and Estee lauder. The show is fast becoming a brand on its own and I think these activities have been a great build up for the fans.


Most of us this morning will be feeling a little bleary eyed and sluggish as a result of the clocks going back at the weekend.
However exciting it may be that officially we have now entered British Summer time, which means longer evenings – I am currently not very enthused.
Apparently, your risk of suffering a heart attack increases by 10% when the clocks go forward and back!
I just stumbled across the following link which gives you some hints and tips on how to combat the resulting tiredness and to adjust your body to the change – apparently it’s okay to take a power nap at 2pm…


Debates surrounding Scotland’s bid for independence continue but for the indpendence minded Scot’s there is already a breakthrough-online. The Drum reports that Government services will soon have an alternative address to call their own, .scot.
This news hasn’t been well received by the conservatives who have branded the move as a ‘huge propaganda coup.’